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Beach Sarong - My Mind

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ARTIST: Studio Soph

This artwork is a peek inside Sophie's mind, exotic creatures and eccentric characters weave their own little world. Bright and playful, funny and cute, Sophies work helps her communicate how she sees the world.

Designed in New Zealand, made in India.

DIMENSIONS: 1100 mm x 1800 mm
MATERIAL: 100% Cotton

About the Artist: Sophie is surrounded by artists in her family and it certainly had an influential effect on her.  She can express herself in different mediums from clay to paper to clothing and more. 

'Ever since I was a young girl, drawing was my favourite thing to do (besides climbing trees, building huts and making up my own fairy tales) I was born in Christchurch (New Zealand) but I grew up in the Netherlands where I got my degree in Graphic Design. I came back to New Zealand nine years ago and moved to Motueka. Here I'm living my dream; being a full time artist.'